Her work undergoes a radical turn from the 50s, when she focuses on pictorial abstraction. This exhibition marks the beginning of a longer series of exhibitions with artistic positions that stand up for a diverse society and against illiberal tendencies? Wesley Meuris on voltooid verleden tijd 15 Oct – 06 Dec. After the exhibition in Budapest, Badalov went to Germany then to the United States and in , he returned to Saint Petersburg, and some years later, to Azerbaijan. This neither implies art for art’s sake nor a utilitarian approach. With a veracious appetite for exploring different pockets of knowledge, she has tackled subjects as far ranging as space travel, anti-colonial struggles, geology and disciplinary architectures.

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Siege, burning and reconstruction of San Sebastian, an important legacy will result. Throughout the exhibition, various mediums and artistic expressions will be interconnected: For her exhibition at La Ferme du Buisson, she is occupying all the art centre? Société Réaliste, Universal Anthem, Transferred to 35mm film and shown in a loop, it was found to be extremely difficult to project because of its dark shade.

Les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse is presenting an exhibition dedicated for the first time to the relationship between Picasso and the Spanish exile. Deployed on two floors of the Slaughterhouses, it explores how the historical and personal upheaval of exile affected Picasso, eser well as the number of artists who were contemporary with him.

As part of a territory-wide project, eskfr of contemporary art on the themes of history and exile will also be developed in other Toulouse sites and throughout the Occitania region, under the title « Je suis né étranger ». The exhibition, which will take place at the university of antwerp from february 22 of until may 22 viewerris the beginning of an exhibition cycle exploring the topic of the middle east. Eskwr viewers are to be immersed in a narrative space offering several levels of interpretation dealing with politics, history, women and conceptual ideas.

Ten artists from various horizons, coming from the middle east as well as from western europe, will present their personal views on those contemporary issues.

Sophie Ristelhueber

Its boundaries were arbitrarily determined by the united states. Indeed, history and geography forged the middle east as well as fractured it. In an era when humanity is facing new challenges posed by big data, bioengineering and climate change, Whitechapel Gallery has invited ten groups of artists, architects and other cultural practitioners to explore the potential of collaboration and offer their visions of the future. Eskrr imagine scenarios in which queer desire, house music and fracking meet on a mountainside; grief and microbes generate new possibilities for housing; or machines dispense objects and emotions to support our place in the technological world ssker tomorrow.

Grace Wales Bonner explores mysticism, ritual and magical resonances within black cultural and aesthetic practices. Over the course of one month, a multi-sensory installation and a series of happenings will invite contemplation and activate the spaces of the Serpentine. The exhibition will include a series of site-specific shrines by Kapwani KiwangaEric N. The musician Laraaji will lead a series of meditation workshops during the exhibition? Interested in the improvisation, intentionality and repurposing of shrines from the Black Atlantic, Wales Bonner will draw upon their relational nature, as material portals into multiple worlds and frames of experience.

There are three categories: This year, Kees Visser was awarded the last category. The prize consists of a personal exhibition at the Vishal and a sum of money. The exhibition will open on December 15 at 4pm and will continue until January 13, Nikita Vviewer engages in contemplative art, tying closely in with the social circumstances and history of Ukrainian and Soviet culture.

Kadan exercises his activities essker images, objects, archives, yet primarily on eskeer 20 th and 21 st century discourses in a global esket.

esker viewer

In a quest for inspiration, he travels the world, explores literature, the Internet, cultural institutions storage and archives, and co-operates with groups of people representing a broad spectrum of political preference. The exhibition interprets the Phrygian myth of Attis recorded in Pausania, with its motifs of fluidity and transformation of female and male,living and dead, anatomical and floral, human and divine?

Seules quelques lignes ont la capacité de créer un espace, des figures, comme une illusion de profondeur suggère un volume. Tout ce eaker se dessine ici converge. Créée en par Johana Carrier et Marine Pagès, Roven éditions est une structure éditoriale associative française.

Elle publie la revue critique sur le dessin contemporain Roven ainsi que des ouvrages sur ewker contemporain et le dessin. En parallèle viewef l’exposition, une soirée de projection de films d?

esker viewer

Anna-Eva Bergman is a Norwegian artist who considers the? Her work undergoes a radical turn from the 50s, when she focuses on pictorial abstraction. The landscape then becomes the essential reference of her work: Her relationship with Spain began inwhen she settled for a year in Menorca with her partner, Hans Hartung.

The trip to Andalusia in will be, however, the most decisive for her work: This link between Norway and Spain -north and south- leads to a similar formality between both landscapes, which acquire, on the other hand, very different tonalities. The stone motifs it is also fundamental in the artist, which began to develop in on her trip to Norway and took over in the early seventies to travel the interior of the peninsula, as testified by her series?


Punk Orientalism focuses on the theme of non-conformity as a tool for investigating contemporary art and critical enquiry on the spaces and places that identify with Central Asia and the Caucasus from a post-Soviet perspective.

Rooted in the conceptual capacity of?

Galerie Jérôme Poggi, News

Featuring a spectrum of recent artwork, projects, text based art zines and new media Punk Orientalism presents a forum for diverse artistic voices from a complex and multifaceted part of the globe, where artists have actively challenged draconian state and academic policies, mapped new territories and formed new artistic movements.

Overall the exhibition aims to present overlooked models of artistic reality, which cross-circulate between different societal, cultural and political systems and provide alternative contexts from exker globalism and other modernisms can be accessed from a non Eurocentric perspective.

By adopting an ideas driven narrative Punk Orientalism offers proposals that solicit a redefinition of fixed geographical rubrics and instead offers a eskrr survey of recent artistic thinking. If one of the main purposes eskre science fiction is to predict the future by simultaneously analysing the present and the past, it is important to emphasise that this genre?

Over recent decades, Afrofuturism has defended an artistic practice that combines scientific fiction with elements and traditions of a diaspora that viewwer attentive to its historical roots in an Ancient Africa giewer before the colonial era. Can a community whose past has been deliberately erased seek out marks from its history and imagine possible futures?

It combines reflections of the artist Nikita Kadan, historians, and other scholars on the subjects of contested issues of the past, particularly those connected with the crime of the Nazis and Stalinism, ethnic cleansings and other acts of violence in the s.

The Warsaw exhibition will be held in the former Cepelia esksr at the intersection of ul. Jerozolimskie in the city centre. Kapwani Kiwanga creates works across installation, sound, performance, sculpture and video that marry her training in anthropology, comparative religion and documentary film with her interests in history, memory and storytelling. Presenting rigorous research in imaginative ways, Kiwanga intentionally eker truth and fiction in her work to enable marginalized narratives to flourish.

With a veracious appetite for exploring different pockets of knowledge, she has tackled subjects as far ranging as space travel, anti-colonial struggles, geology and disciplinary architectures.

In total, the grand opening of the palace will show around highlights from the bank’s extensive collection of works on paper, which it began building in the s. The show will run until January 9, Parajanov at Asymetria marks the first Polish show of this minor retrospective of photography by Yuri Mechitov.

Pictures and textiles from the property of the City of Ostrava have replaced artworks by the winners of the Jind? Since the second half of the twentieth century, in particular poets and artists in Eastern Europe seker taken up the challenge of reflecting on and investigating the instrumentalization of language for communicative and political-ideological purposes.

esker viewer

They did so by drawing ssker to the material and medial dimension of language, and by creating performative situations for themselves and their audiences within which possibilities of verbal expression could be tested and acted out. The exhibition presents authors viiewer subcultures in socialist states along with contemporary positions. Now and then, poetry and performance take on an exceptional topicality in periods of political eskker, as these ephemeral and flexible art forms enable the reflection of relations and contexts that remain otherwise undiscussed.

Stories can carry this noble name too: Everyday stories that cross and organise locations; they pick out the locations and link them; they then create sentences and routes out of them ». The concept of the exhibition is intricately interwoven with the legend of Saint Dymphna, patroness of the possessed and mentally ill and patron saint against epilepsy and insanity. The legend of Dymphna is also closely linked to the identity of Geel, town of mercy. During a trip to Mexico, painter Eva Nielsen and sculptor Marion Verboom, explored Mexican, Mayan and Aztec architecture, both vernacular and contemporary.

Nielsen and Verboom are interested in the organic aspect of these architectures invoking hidden worlds that seem to reappear on the surface of the world. Between naturalism, stylization and geometrization, a history of past and future forms is at stake, that of the ruins of a eskee that has been or voewer yet to come. We present works inside and outside by eight artists that enter into dialog with the historical architecture and the surrounding landscape and thereby set off an inspiring interplay between history and eskdr, yesterday and today.

The Bogners have been using this originally medieval castle since the s as a dynamic stage for the exploration of contemporary art.

Romain Desjours | CV en ligne

References to architecture and to abstract forms and an interest in works that take an analytical approach to language and new media technologies have always been key elements in the Bogners? These themes and this diversity of media are the basis of this exhibition, which runs against traditional delineations between art genres and the conventional contrasts between past and present.


By bridging different periods, the works on show also present the coexistence of abstract forms and concrete contents and of aesthetic structures and real situations.

This exhibition marks the beginning of a longer series of exhibitions with artistic positions that stand up for a diverse society and vidwer illiberal tendencies? Initially, works by visual artists will be shown and discussed that deal with present anti-fascist struggles, the preservation of basic democratic rights and social orders beyond the concept of nations. With a keen sense ciewer drawing and for use of materials, Anna Zvyagintseva captures traces of daily life, encounters, coincidences or autobiographical viewe in her sculptures, drawings and film works.

Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan uses his artworks to compel us to think viewrr the manipulations of history that occur in modern political and historical discourses. The exhibition attempts to respond to the current debate in Poland and around the world on the? Exker what extent is the crisis something new and self-contained, and to what extent is it inherent in the internal dynamics of the Enlightenment?

The issue of the Enlightenment is always an issue of the here and now: This is clearly evident in the Polish context, where discussions and conflicts over the approach to modernity, and the role of religion and tradition, the significance of what is public and shared, have remained unresolved since the days of Viewee In the third chapter Variations on TimeKarma Ltd.

Extended presents the fiewer of female artists who deal with non-anthropocentric, organic tenses and question the traditional time patterns. By providing access to forms of knowledge and understandings that the dominant linear and anthropocentric time culture suppresses, they invite us to imagine different ways of interspecies co-existence and counter-narratives.

Working with sound, eskfr, performance, and objects, Kapwani Kiwanga born in Canada, based in Paris relies on extensive research to transform raw information into investigations of historical narratives and their impact on political, social, and community formation.

Her work focuses on sites specific to Africa and the African diaspora, examining how certain events expand and unfold into popular and folk narratives, and revealing how these stories take shape in objects and oral histories.

Téléchargement de Tun 2016

Trained as an anthropologist, Kiwanga performs this role in her artistic practice, using historical information to construct narratives about groups of people. Kiwanga is not only invested in the past but also the future, creating speculative dossiers from future civilizations to reflect on the impact of historical events. In the series Subduction StudiesKiwanga observes the space between Earth’s continents, specifically Africa and Europe. The speculation of Pangaea Ultima suggests a supercontinent occurring again, which will see Europe slipping underneath Africa.

Kiwanga is the winner of the Frieze Artist Award. This experience we inherit from the history of contemporary art, which is saturated with practices of artistic characters and masks alter ego from Marcel Duchamp to Andy Warholallowing to explore the boundaries of their own « role » and point out the stagnation of the foundations of conservative morality, not keeping up with the changes in time.

An important symptom is the increasing variability of gender and social roles. Gandy gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the international group show which will be a new edition of the exhibition project Migration of Energies which was held in in Gandy gallery in Bratislava. The second part of this international exhibition will present works of fourteen artists or artistic groups who come from different countries and who work with different kind of media. What brings them together is the subject-matter of the show which will be more focused on the issues of the ecology, as well as the transcendental within the topic of the migration.

The exhibition explores different artistic experiences through monochrome works by American and international artists. Created in and endowed with 55 ? Yona Friedman has been awarded for his « visionary work and his impact on the profession » stated the Austrian government. Kapwani Kiwanga is the winner of the Frieze Artist Award, a major opportunity for an emerging artist launching at Frieze New York The artist will realize an open-air installation in Randall?

Stories of Almost Everyone is an exhibition about the willingness to believe the stories that are conveyed by works of contemporary art. The corporate Art Collection Telekom was initiated by Deutsche Telekom in and comprises today of some art works by about 60 artists from around 15 countries.